Phil's Links
Canopy Construction Associates - Designers and build of canopy access towers, platforms and bridges
  Children's Environmental Trust Foundation - (1992 - 2002) dedicated to the environmental education of our most precious resource - our young people.
Global Explorers is a nonprofit organization committed to providing programs that are educational, fun, supportive, safe and community-oriented. Our educators have spent many years traveling internationally with students and teachers and are considered experts in the industry.
   EarthWatch is the world's largest organization matching members of the public with scientific and conservation projects worldwide.
  Explorama Tours - Premier tourism company of Amazonian Peru
  Heroes of the High Frontier - independent web page about the National Geographic documentary
  JASON X project - An interactive remote location scientific expedition to understand our planet.
 Marie Selby Botanical Gardens - dedicated to the cultivation, display, conservation and scientific study of, and education about tropical plants, especially epiphytes.
Operation Canopee - A unique transportable access method to the canopy of the rain forests of the tropics.
InkaTerra Association - promoting ecotourism and ecology research in Peru


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