Plaques for Display in your yard, in your house or place of business.

Castings will be available through the Tarflower chapter of the FNPS. Materials and pricing are still in develpoment. Watch for updates in the Tarflower newsletter or at the monthly meetings. In the meantime, here is some background information.

The original design was hand cut into sandblaster rubber using an enlarged template of the official FNPS logo. This was then put on a piece of cedar and sandblasted to produce the original wooden plaque as seen below.

Cedar FNPS Plaque

Two molds were made using multiple layers of liquid rubber as well as a platinum based silicone. The rubber mold has a plaster mother mold to support the shape of the plaque during casting. This mold is suitable for concrete plaques. The silicone mold is much thicker and was made by a single pour method eliminating the need for a mother mold. The silicone mold is appropriate for other casting materials such as plaster, plastics and foams.

Rubber mold wth plaster mother mold

FNPS logo Silicone mold


This concrete plaque has been outside for several months and still has all of the original color and detail. Colorants can be added to the concrete during mixing to alter the final color.

FNPS concrete plaque in Coontie


FNPS Concrete Plaque in Saw Palmetto