Peru Walkways
The "long" span of the ACTS (formerly the ACEER) walkway in Peru on the Sucusari tributary of the Napo river (which is a tributary of the Amazon River). The entire walkway is over 1200 feet long from start to finish and reaches a height of 118 feet above the ground. In 1996 Platform five was moved to another tree and as a result the walkway is now even longer! (by about 12 feet). It is owned and operated by Explorama Lodges.
During the month of March 1999, the JASON X project broadcast from this site. As a guest researcher, Phil studied the insects that live in canopy bromeliads and helped others to climb up into the canopy to observe and study the canopy themselves.
Ascending a 250 foot Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) tree along the Amazon River in Peru. The local shaman had cleared neighboring trees, but protected the Kapok tree because of its internal spirit and power to heal. Today this tree is preserved by Explorama Lodges based in Iquitos, Peru. The inner crown is festooned with a large array of epiphytes, including orchids, bromeliads, ferns and cacti. The first branch was a mere 128 feet from the ground and even had a termite nest on it!


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